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1. a person or thing of great energy, strength, or power.

2. a source of influence or inspiration

3. one having great power

4. one having great drive, energy, or ability


Our founder Derrick I. Temple, Sr. is a God-called preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who has been preaching for over 36 years. He is also the founding pastor of Urban Christian Church of Oxnard, Califonia. Dr. Temple also has an earned doctoral degree in theology, and he is the product of a rich preaching dynasty in his family.  Because he is a preacher, one of his main passions is for preachers, especially "The Black Preacher." His goal is for UPH to help preserve and publish the works of Black Preachers through Urban Publishing House, LLC. In addition, he pastors a multi-cultural church in Oxnard, California, and he has a burden for publishing the works of preachers and people of all ethnicities.


Derrick also has an earned MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the University of Phoenix. There he learned problem-solving models that turn problems into opportunities. His major innovations in business are effective strategic planning and implementation, customer service relationships, the true essence of marketing, product quality, and affordable services.


Derrick has a deep concern for healing the ills of urban communities and families, economic empowerment for the disenfranchised, and being a voice for those who need to be heard. His passion for "The House" is that it is a "voice" to our community through several avenues:

1. The publishing of works by authors regardless of ethnicity who have a robust social impact message in their writings.

2. Urban Publishing House, itself, being a powerhouse that helps bring about social change, especially racial injustices.

3. Urban Publishing House, being the first Black publishing company on such a specialized social and spiritual level.

Thus, UPH is a voice of hope to our urban cities and our dying world.

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Founder - Managing Member



A Biblical Examination of Our Nation's Defect from God

The Apostasy of America is a response to our nation's defection from God from a Christian and biblical point of view. In this work, the author provides a detailed biblical analysis of the practices and policies that will be judged by God in the eschatological period of the coming of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When it appears as though we strive in some form to be one nation under God, we are in fact, one nation under many gods. The author gives a bold declaration of the warnings to follow from the heart of God for our nation to repent and return to God before it is everlasting too late. 



In My Father's House - A Black Father and A Black Son

In My Father's House is a true story of the life of our founder under his father's parentage. This short but powerful book not only describes the life lessons that helped shape Derrick into the man he is today, but it also demonstrates timeless truths regarding racism and the recovery of father-son relationships.



A Black Father and a Black Son

Grassroots Conversation Between Founder of UPH-Derrick I. Temple, Sr., and UPH Social Awareness Advisor and Founder of BBMG-Raphael Bemporad



It's Not Over!

Making the Last Days Your Best Days - Including Bonus Chapter: The Delta Storm!


The Pastor and His Anatomy

A Biblical Examination of the Internal and External Challenges of Pastors