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In My Father's House - A Black Father and A Black Son

Congratulations to our founder, D. I. Temple, Sr. on his new release!


In My Father's House

A Black Father and a Black Son

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Book Crafting

One Book At-A-Time

At Urban Publishing House, LLC, believe in the older tradition of treating each author's manuscript with care. We delight in crafting books for the author. In addition, our founder has crafted a few books of his own, with rich scholarship and sober practical application.

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The Apostasy of America

Derrick I. Temple, Sr.

The Apostasy of America is a response to our nation's defection from God from a Christian and biblical point of view. In this work, the author provides a detailed biblical analysis of the practices and policies that will be judged by God in the eschatological period of the coming of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When it appears as though we strive in some form to be one nation under God, we are in fact, one nation under many gods. The author gives a bold declaration of the warnings to follow from the heart of God for our nation to repent and return to God before it is everlasting too late. 

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Making the Last Days Your Best Days - New Bonus Chapter,
"The Delta Storm"

Derrick I. Temple, Sr.

This book looks at the Coronavirus outbreak from a biblical perspective. Pandemics are often described as pestilences in the Bible and are seen as a sign of the times. This book is a practical exposition of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 24:1-31. It deals with Jesus’ call to Believers to stand fast, not fear, and look for the coming of Jesus Christ. This work deals with the practical adjustments pastors and local churches have had to make and must make during this outbreak. The Revised Edition includes a new bonus chapter dealing with the social impact of the new variants that have emerged in 2021 known as "The Delta Storm".

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The Pastor and His Anatomy Revised Edition Only at UPH Bookstore

Derrick I. Temple, Sr.

The Pastor and His Anatomy (Revised Edition - Volumes I & II) is a biblical expose’ of the struggles and successes of pastors and preachers. Without these men, the Gospel cannot be preached. However, they are often the most misunderstood men in the world. They are ordinary men whom God uses in an extraordinary way. God-chosen pastors and preachers have often been either idolized, publicized, or demonized. The author suggests to all readers that these men must be realized. 

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In My Father's House

Derrick I. Temple, Sr.

Regaining our Fathers and Sons, lost commodities in today's culture.


Preserving Legacies!

Among Derrick's passions for Urban Publishing House, LLC is a passion for preachers. More than a publisher, Derrick is a preacher. Derrick has a God-called burden for preserving and publishing the works of Black Preachers through Urban Publishing House, LLC. While we seek to publish from various Christian platforms, Urban Publishing House, LLC is a "voice" for the Black Preacher and all preachers of every color who are dedicated to the consecrated craft of preaching. 

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Derrick I. Temple, Sr.

Founder - Managing Member


New Release from Our Founder!

The Apostasy of America


"The Delta Storm"

Making the Last Days Your Best Days - Including Bonus Chapter: The Delta Storm!


The Pastor and His Anatomy

A Biblical Examination of the Internal and External Challenges of Pastors