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This new Founder's Edition Ebook works for all Ebook Apps. Kindle (Amazon) has undergone eBook conversions because their old versions were outdated, and some Ebooks still don't load on Kindle. Kindle is undergoing continual bug fixes. Thus, your file may or may not download. If not, if you have another version, preferrably, AppleBooks, Google Play, or Nook, you will be fine.  For more on Kindle, please visit

EBook - Downloads on Applebooks, Nook, Google PlayBooks, and All EBook Apps

  • This Strategic Guidebook How Shall We Gather? - How to Thrive in the Midst of Church Decline -  A Practical Perspective is a supplemental guide to the book How Shall We Gather? - How to Thrive in the Midst of Church Decline - An Exegetical Perspective. This strategic guidebook  (Ebook) focuses on implementing practical biblical principles into the context of your local church from a practical perspective. Because they are biblical principles and not human strategies, they guarantee biblical results. No local church leadership or laity who employs these biblical strategies will lead or leave their church dissapointed. Jesus promised He would build His Church. These principles are based upon Jesus' promises, thus, the Gates of Hell cannot prevail.

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