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Urban Publishing House, LLC is an author and reader-friendly Book Publisher founded in 2021. We are passionate about helping preserve the ethic of reading in the midst of a social media and technological age. In other words, we encourage all to return to the science of reading. Therefore we design and publish books and eBooks in a way that encourages people to read, read, and read again.

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Another great eReader that we make our books available on is the Kobo eReader and KOBO app. We format the author's book in eBook form that looks professional on the KOBO eReader, the New York Times rating as the best eReader of 2021.




At Urban Publishing House, our eBook formats also look great on the Nook eReader and NOOK app by Barnes and Noble's. The NOOK is also an enjoyable eReading companion.


Onyx Boox

One of our founder's favorite devices, a great e-reader the average eBook reader may have never heard of is the Onyx Boox. He calls Onyx the "Lexxus" of e-readers. It is a classy and sophisticated reader that serious eBook readers are well aware of. Urban Publishing House makes its books also available on the Onyx Boox.


Boyue Likebook

Like all eReaders, the Boyue Likebook comes in several versions. The Boyue Likebook Mars has been considered by many as the most powerful eReader in the world. It has an octa-core processer that handles all android apps. At Urban Publishing House, we also make our books also available on this polished eReader.


It's Not Just Black and White


The loyal eBook reader may always prefer the simple black and white eReaders. Simplicity often equals significance. However, color eReaders are the preferences of some, and even individuals new to eReaders. Urban Publishing House also provides the ability for authors to have their eBooks on these eReaders as well.


We also make our digital eBook downloads available on the most popular eReading platforms and apps

We help recover the art of READING

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iBooks, now known as "Books" (Apple Books)

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There will always be those who want the feel of a Good book in their hands

Through Urban Publishing House's publishing and partnerships, we connect you with the largest global book distribution networks in the publishing industry in an access of over 30,000
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