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A Little Lad's Lunch - Author Melvin Von Wade, Jr.

At the Macedonia Baptist Church - Hosted by Pastor Shane B. Scott - A Complete Success!

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"I love to see people win!"

Rev. Dr. Shane B. Scott - Pastor, Macedonia Baptist Church of Los Angeles, California

"Lil Mel" (M. V. Wade, Jr.) dictates his sermons verbatim, and I type them. If I lose my spot, even pages down the line, he quotes the same sentence he said before, word-for-word, and I put his books in print. I am convinced, there are some things that only a blind man can see."

(D. I. Temple, Sr.)
Founder, Urban Publishing House, LLC

First Edition

This First Edition is made available by Urban Publishing House, LLC to over 39,000 online retail stores, the largest distibution service in book publishing.



This PaperBack Edition was one of the first books publshed by UPH. Thus, it is deeply cherished.



This AudioBook edition was first designed for Melvin, due to his loss of eyesight. However, it is also available to all who enjoy audiobooks.



This Ebook Edition is available on all EBook platforms. 

Second Edition

This Second Edition includes more sermons and an exclusive interview by Rev. Dr. Shane B. Scott who was Melvin's pastor during that time.

A Little Lad's Lunch - 2nd Edition-WIX (3)_edited.jpg

Legacy Edition Hardback

This Edition is inducted into the Legacy Library, a division of Legacy Ministries Asssociation, Inc. in honor of M. V. Wade, Jr.

A Little Lad's Lunch - 2nd Edition-WIX (3)_edited.jpg


This Paperback Edition has all of the content of the Legacy Edition for those who prefer paperbacks over hardbacks.

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