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2nd Edition - Legacy Hardback Edition

SKU: ISBN/SKU: 978-0-5788-9934-3
  • The Pastor and His Anatomy - Legacy Edition is the updated edition of the first edition, with bonus material from Legacy Ministries Association, Inc., a subsidiary of Urban Publishing House, LLC, founded by Derrick I. Temple, Sr.


    It also includes revised content, a beautifully redesigned cover jacket designed by Derrick I. Temple, Sr, and it is available is a hardback. It includes the original content of the 1st Edition, a biblical expose’ of the struggles and successes of pastors and preachers. Without these men, the Gospel cannot be preached. However, they are often the most misunderstood men in the world. They are ordinary men who God uses in an extraordinary way. God-chosen pastors and preachers have often been either idolized, publicized, or demonized.


    The Author suggests to all readers that these men must be realized. The Pastor and Anatomy deals with real-life sagas of men in the Bible who went through some of the most challenging tests, trials, and temptations unimaginable. Instead of prejudice or opinion, the author gives a solid biblical portrait of how these most needed men are to be perceived as men who are like jars of clay. Yet, God has chosen to place the treasure of the Gospel of Jesus Christ within these fragile but fortified men. The way of Christianity cannot truly be understood or appreciated without having a healthy view of the God-chosen pioneers of Christianity, who we know to be pastors and preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Pastor and His Anatomy deals with how God’s men survived scandals and suffered sins. Yet, they were sustained through struggles and overcame the most insurmountable odds. Their lives serve as hope to all how God can save and use anyone to maximum capacity if they are willing to answer God’s summons to salvation and service. 

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