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  • Narrator: Author Derrick I. Temple, Sr.

    Background Music Soundtrack: The Lord, God, Strong and Mighty - Copyright 2023 by Derrick I. Temple, Sr. 


  • In this next edition of his previously released The Apostasy of America, Derrick sees the adversaries of the times in which we live anxiously and angrily attempting to assassinate the moral absolutes of God's Holy Bible. He catalogues new legislations reaching lawless levels of lethality and liberality, even among many local churches and clergy.


    Thus, Dr. Temple, reminds leaders and laity of the Church of Jesus Christ of our call to arms by defending the Christian Faith with resilience and readiness for repercussions due to holding a strong Christian defense against the evil attacks of new moralities that seek to destroy the foundation of the Christian Faith and traditional family. This work grants spiritual methods of defense and aggressive Kingdom advancement so that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against Christ's church.


    Derrick sees this as spiritual war, above all else, a war between good and evil, a war for the souls of humanity, and he is of the conviction that because the lines have been blurred by old and new legislations and within many local church assemblies, the members of the true Church of Jesus Christ must not retreat from the attacks of what and who he calls "God's New Adversaries."

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