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  • Making the Last Days Your Best Days is a book that looks at the Coronavirus outbreak from a biblical perspective. Pandemics are often described as pestilences in the Bible and are seen as a sign of the times. This book is a practical exposition of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 24:1-31. It deals with Jesus’ call to Believers to stand fast, not fear, and look for the coming of Jesus Christ. This work deals with the practical adjustments pastors and local churches have had to make and must make during this outbreak. This book is intended to encourage and exhort pastors and Christians to make the necessary adjustments to continue to be a light in this world in the midst of one of the greatest evangelistic opportunities of our time, i.e., the Coronavirus outbreak. The author gives practical but scriptural exhortations for us as Christians especially to be at our maximum level of performance as witnesses of Jesus Christ, who is in control of it all. The Revised Edition also includes a new bonus chapter dealing with the social impact of the new variants that have emerged in 2021 known as "The Delta Storm".

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