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  • In this book, biblical principles are predominant when it comes to what God expects from both fathers and sons. Foreworded by one of his best friends since elementary school, Raphael Bemporad, Derrick shares the racial challenges and opportunities he and his father experienced and the lessons learned for all nationalities who battle for equality.


    In My Father's House is a collection of life lessons Derrick learned from his father, Alonzo Temple, who he calls his "Hero." Derrick honors his father who taught him principles of race, relations, and reconciliation that only matured as Derrick grew to understand them. Derrick's concern is the blame placed upon fathers as sons in the parenting process. While there can be legitimate cases of poor parenting as well as poor decisions sons can make, Derrick believes much of that blame must be removed and both fathers and sons must be accountable for their own actions.  Derrick's father, Alonzo Temple, demonstrated that there is no excuse for poor fathering, and Derrick learned that as a son, there is no excuse for poor sonship. 



  • This Legacy Edition includes bonus material from our partner ministry founded by Derrick I. Temple, Sr. - Legacy Ministries Association, Inc.


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