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SKU: ISBN/SKU: 9781088026304
  • This special children's edition EBook allows children to read along with the author Camellia P. Wade-McKinley, the voiceover for Mecai in this special edition, or they can listen to the audio exclusively without the actual book!


    MIGHTY ME! - The first book of this series to be published in January is a child awareness and self-esteem children's book that shows, with child-like world illustrations and scriptures, the strength and courage God ordains for children to have. Camellia's ingenious method of building the self-worth of each child is demonstrated in this work. 


    Author Camellia P. Wade-McKinley introduces Mecai, her grandson, as the reali-life character who tells the Mighty Me story of who all children can be Mighty! Each child is exposed to God's Word and timeless principles in this work.  


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  • All proceeds go to Camellia's efforts for her daughter Sabrina Ella McKinley, the mother of Mecai. Camellia has embarked upon a fundraising effort, Sabrina's Walk to Healling and Wholeness, a faith and financial endeavor to accommodate for costly medical procedures for Sabrina. To learn more, also visit Camellia, Sabrina, and Mecai on Facebook:


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