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Camellia P. Wade-McKinley




A Trusted Consultant!

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"The Chicago White Sox, James Cleveland Gospel Music Workshop of America, Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, DFW Mass Choir, Saints With A Vision (SWAV), the National Baptist Congress, and National Baptist Conventions, to name a few."

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A Publishing Success Story

Camellia P. Wade-McKinley is a native of East Chicago, Indiana. She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Commodore Wade, Jr. Camellia accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior when she was a child. She is the wife of Rev. Thomas McKinley, mother of Sabrina Ella McKinley, and grandmother of Mecai Alexander. Camellia received her Associate's degree in theater, a Bachelor of Science degree in music and speech communication, and her Master's degree in education at Indiana University, Bloomington. In 2001, Camellia opened the Zion Academic Academy, where she served as Campus Director for five years. In 2006, Camellia was employed at White Rock North School in Dallas, Texas and was employed as a 2nd-4th grade teacher, Academic Advisor, and Music-Drama teacher. In 2014, Camellia furthered her education and received her Texas Director's Credential. In 2015, Camellia became the Director of Business Operations for JE Wade Ministries, Inc. Grief and Mental Health Outreach.  In 2019, she became Assistant Principal at White Rock North School. Among Camellia's many other accomplishments, she also serves as Content Editor, Special Projects Manager, and the Personal Assistant to the Founder of Urban Publishing House, LLC (Derrick I. Temple, Sr.).


Saving the Children!

As an educator and well-being specialist, Camellia has a genuine heart for the spiritual, psychological, social, and physical well-being of children. These traits are revealed in her "Me" series,
a collection of children's books that infuse children with high self-esteem and personal value.



MIGHTY ME! - The first book of this series to be published in April is a child awareness and self-esteem children's book that shows, with child-like world illustrations and scriptures, the strength and courage God ordains for children to have. Camellia's ingenious method of building the self-worth of each child is demonstrated in this work. 

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PERFECTLY ME! - Another soon-to-be-published work of Mrs. McKinley. In this title, Camellia illustrates with child-like simplicity that each child is born with inherited traits that should never be considered as flaws in the eyes of any individual. Children can read this book, filled with illustrations and positive principles to further build their self-worth.

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UNIQUELY ME! - Is another work of the "Me" series. In this book, Camellia demonstrates to each child that they are uniquely designed by God. Mrs. McKinley, through picturesque illustrations, communicates to the world of children that it is okay to be different, and no two children are or should be exactly alike.

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Meet Mecai, the grandson of Camellia, the inspiration of Camellia, and the real-life character of the "ME" series. In each of the series, Mecai is the emoji who helps children see that if he is Mighty, Perfect, and Unique, as God and his grandmother Camellia says, then they are, too!

Available January, 2024!

This exciting series, which is the first of the "ME" series will be available in all formats, Hardback, Paperbac, Audiobok, and EBook! - PRE-ORDER NOW!

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The Heart and Soul of Camellia

Most of us have our earthly motivations. Sabrina Ella McKinley, the daughter of Camellia P. Wade-McKinley, and mother of Mecai Alexander, is the heart and soul of Camellia. With continual health challenges, Sabrina is, nevertheless, the strength of Camellia. Sabrina is cherished by her father and mother. Much, if not all, of the proceeds of Camellia's book sales, will go toward Sabrina's faith-walk to healing and wholeness. In so many ways, all will be blessed to invest in the MIGHTY ME! series.

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