Preserving Legacies

Dr. Donald L. Parson

Our founder's ultimate delight and vision is to preserve the legacies of Black preachers through publication. Rev. Derrick I. Temple, Sr., is honored to have in our "House" Dr. Donald L. Parson. Our house is Dr. Parson's home. D. L. Parson is a mentor of our founder and countless preachers across this nation, especially in the Black preaching heritage. We are honored to publish Rev. Parson's new book, TREASURES FROM AN EARTHEN VESSEL, Signature Sermons by Dr. Donald L. Parson. This publication is only available at Urban Publishing House or through the personal ministry of Dr. Donald L. Parson.


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Dr. Donald L. Parson

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

"The Trust Factor"

"What God Told Hosea"


Chapter 3


"The Church, Now, and Later"

Chapter 4

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"Does Jesus Care"


Chapter 5

"Trusting God In Spite of How Things Look"

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Chapter 6

"Not Far From the Kingdom"

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Chapter 7

"Going Home Without Isaac"


Final Chapter

"The Need for Incarnational Identification"


"The Future of the Church"

Even many years later, Dr. Parson continues to be timeless. In this section, Donald Parson is preaching a most challenging message to the Church.


His Closeness with "The Franklins"

Dr. Parson at the Homgoing Service of Aretha Franklin

Dr. Parson’s greatness is beyond measure, even as he is one of the eulogists at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.


The Closer!

Throwback Sermon

In the Black church experience, it was vital to preaching that a preacher knew how to close a sermon. Whether it be through a "whoop" (melodic and almost song-like conclusion of a sermon) or climactic oratory exhortation, "closing" the sermon was crucial for the plight of Black people. We as a Black people needed hope. The Black Church was the place of release. It was a place of release from pain and sorrow. Dr. Parson infused hope, and no matter how much he challenged the Church, he always closed the sermon and inspired people with revived hope.


"It's a Great Day"

The pastor's best and most effective preaching is usually with his own Church. If that is not the case, there is definitely an intimacy in preaching that is undescribable when we as pastors preach to our own church. Here, Dr. Parson is preaching at "home"; the church he pastors, Logos Baptist Assembly in Chicago, Illinois.