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Jarvis J. Hanson

Meet the Author!

Jarvis J. Hanson serves as the Senior Pastor/Teacher at Official New Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church (April 1, 2007 to Present). Pastor Hanson graduated from Newburgh Theological Seminary in 2004. Dr. Hanson studied Divinity (academic discipline) at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary from 2007 to 2009. Rev. Hanson also studied at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary in 2009.

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COVENANT CHRONICLES - Exegetical Explorations of the Baptist Church Covenant is an exegetical, theological, doctrinal, and practical return to the fundamentals of Baptist Faith practice. Dr. Hanson brilliantly emphasizes the importance of operating from a standardized Baptist Covenant, grounded in Scripture. Rev. Hanson brings us back to our roots of the Baptist Faith. COVENANT CHRONICLES is a textbook and guidebook that is a faithful return to our Baptist heritage. A much-needed work!

It is the obligation of every Baptist church to stand true to its origin, founded within the Baptist Covenant. The Baptist Covenant is grounded in biblical practices that are timeless. This is important because regardless of the newer trends established today within the Baptist church, those trends will either one day become traditions or become extinct. Thus, timeless principles and practices are essential. Such principles are found within the Baptist Covenant. Jarvis J. Hanson’s work is a retrieval of the practices of the Baptist church that guaranteed that the Old Ship of Zion has landed many of thousands.

That ship has not sunk, but it has fewer passengers because many have embarked upon church cruise liners that are full of luxuries instead of a Cross-Shaped lifestyle. Dr. Hanson’s Covenant Chronicles is a theological, practical, and expositional guideline to safe and sound church practices that will land us safely on Heaven's shores.

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New Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church

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