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Samuel Jackson Gilbert, Sr.
February 17, 1937 - August 19, 2021

Dr. Samuel J. Gilbert, Sr. will be forever remembered in the heart of our founder, D. I. Temple, Sr. One morning, Dr. Gilbert, Sr. personally called Dr. Temple and requested to pray for him after he read his book, Making the Last Days Your Best Days. It humbled Derrick to receive a personal call from so great of a man. That book touched Dr. Gilbert's heart, and from there, our founder was bonded and even indebted to the attention given to him by Dr. Gilbert, Sr. It also encouraged Derrick to keep on fighting and to keep on writing.

Wisdom From a Sage is partly a memoir and partly his sharing of tips and lessons learned as a preacher of the Gospel, pastor, and family man. While living, he intentionally wrote this book for preachers and pastors, not only because he was one, but also because he discerned what his role was as an elder in pastoral ministry.  He discerned that building up preachers and encouraging them to give their all to God was a part of his ministry calling and gift. were privileged to publish Dr. Gilbert's books on both hardback and eBook platforms. Some love to have a good book in their hands, and others may prefer digital when they are "on the go." What's most important is that this inspiring and sobering book is in our hearts.

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Dr. Samuel J. Gilbert II

Samuel J. Gilbert II has one of the deepest passions for his father that a son could ever have. Our founder, Derrick. I. Temple, Sr. witnessed that sacred phenomenon personally, as he heard Dr. Sam Gilbert II express to him his deepest desires with this book. God deepened in Sam's heart the burden and blessing of undergirding his father in the publishing of his life and legacy. When God places a burden on our shoulders, the burden comes to pass, but IN GOD'S OWN TIME. Thus, IN GOD'S OWN TIME, without a SON-WARRIOR on behalf of his father, the victory of publishing Wisdom From a Sage would have never come to pass. In the development of the title of this book, God silently thundered the word, "Sage" in Sam's soul, and the fitting description of his father as a Sage was born. Because of Samuel J. Gilbert II, welcome to "The Sage Page".

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