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  • Think on This is a collection of wise sayings from M. V. Wade, Sr., one of the world's greatest preachers of all time, especially within the rich history of the Black Church. Dr. Wade gives provocative quotes from other theologians as well as his own and syncretizes them in a way that invokes thoughtful reflection. M. V. Wade, Sr. challenges each reader to think about things that are lovely and of good report. His dedicated meditational practice is evident as he carefully sentences each truth of God's word with careful deliberation. This work is an excellent devotional resource for all readers, and it has a rich theological backdrop from which Dr. Wade's truths originate. Think on This also includes a journal section wherein the reader my include their thoughts, meditations, and reflections. Furthermore, a question-and answer section is reserved for the reader to ponder the passages and principles Dr. Melvin Von Wade, Sr. provides in an exemplary fashion.

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