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  • Bishop Sean Teal masterfully portrays the suffering of Jesus Christ and how much God loves us by sacrificing Jesus the Christ, His only begotten Son to suffer, sacrifice, and save us from our sins. 

    The 39 Stripes is a rich balance of scholarship, theology, historical accuracy, and practical application for the Saint and Sinner. Bishop Teal’s rich, dramatic style of vivid word pictures stands between two worlds. The author brings the times of Jesus when He literally walked, warred, and worked on behalf of all mankind to our contemporary age.

    After reading The 39 Stripes, the reader will leave with an indelible impression of how much Jesus loved, suffered, and sacrificed His life so that we may be live in this life and the Life to come. This rich masterpiece shows the humanity of Jesus Christ, and how He visited planet Earth in the form of a human.

    The anointed pen of Bishop Sean F. Teal scripts an intellectual, intelligent, and inspirational expose’ of Jesus’ journey to The Cross not only on the pages of this book but also on the pages of the lives of those who would dare read this wondrous work with an open mind and heart.

  • UPH's Ebook Edition works for all Ebook Apps. Kindle (Amazon) has undergone eBook conversions because their old versions were outdated, and some Ebooks still don't load on Kindle. Kindle is undergoing continually bug fixes. Thus, your file may or may not download. We recommend using any of our other platforms; preferrably, AppleBooks, Google Play, Nook, etc For more on Kindle, please visit

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