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Legacy Edition - Hardback

SKU: ISNB/SKU: 979-8-8692-4826-8
Expected to Ship by the Beginning of June
  • Rev. Dr. Booker Person is one of the few preachers who started preaching at an early age. One of the phenomenal characteristics of Dr. Person is that he preached among many of the prototypes of the Black preaching heritage, including Rev. Dr. C. L. Franklin and many more. In this edition, Dr. Person journals his pilgrimmage from a boy preacher in Akron, Ohio, who has now made a "full circle" back to Akron, where he now pastors. 


    This book is more than a historical account, but it is the saga of Rev. Dr. Person, who experiences what would have appeared to be insurmountable odds as he journals his journey through dark and difficult days. 


    Yet, the faithfulness of God is seen in ways that all preachers, especially, can be encouraged on this Christian journey. All Christians can benefit from the legacy of Dr. Person, as he shares the wonders of God's faithfulness to those who preach and receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • New Release Date - August, 2024!

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