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Legacy Edition Hardback with Jacket

SKU: ISBN/SKU: 978-1-0879-2104-4
  • Pastor Wade's Lessons of the Word is a collection of sermon illustrations, life experiences, and creative stories that illuminate the understanding of the truths of God. One of Pastor Wade's concerns about the newer trends of preaching in our era is the lack of creative imagination. Dr. Wade has been known to quote that the preachers of this era would do well if they returned to many of the disciplines of preaching that is evident in their forefathers, i.e., those of his generation and earlier. The Black preaching experience, especially, has been known historically to encompass a rich tradition of sound, theological, and illuminating forms of communication, a lost art that must be recovered. 

  • Those who purchase the Legacy Editions also receive bonus material from our partner ministry Legacy Ministries Association, Inc.

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