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This EBook is available on all EBook App platforms, but can only be downloaded exclusively here at the UPH bookstore or Dr. Jone's personal venues.



Kindle (Amazon) Users: UPH's Ebook Edition works for all Ebook Apps. Kindle (Amazon) has undergone eBook conversions because their old versions were outdated, and some Ebooks still don't load on Kindle. Kindle is undergoing continual bug fixes. Thus, your file may or may not download. We recommend using any of our other platforms; preferrably, AppleBooks, Google Play, Nook, etc For more on Kindle, please visit


eBook - Apple Books, Google Play Books, and all eBook Apps

SKU: ISBN: 978-1-0879-2425-0
  • The eBook edition of the Essential Guide is strictly for professionals or family members who are trained in group therapy and who act as facilitators for group therapy and group exercises. This guide provides facilitators with a framework for implementing the principles for families to recover from the hurt they suffer from their loved one's addiction.

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