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Organizer - First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park - Richardson, TX

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Pastor - First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park - Richardson, TX

GREGORY FOSTER, commonly called “Pastor Greg” by his congregation, is the epitome of being a leader to “seize the opportunity to change things for the better” at First Church. Since the death of his father and pastor in 2003, Pastor Greg has diligently worked to fulfill and continue his parent’s ministry and mission of ‘Walking in the Word.’ Raised in an environment where church was his second home, fulfilling his father’s ministry was imminent. Remembering his great grandmother’s words to his father, ”If God called you, the Lord will qualify you,” it seemed as though she also was speaking directly to him.

DR. J. LEE FOSTER recognized his calling and on December 28, 1954, he became the organizer of the First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park. On that day, he was joined by his wife, Annie Pearl Foster, and three other church members: John J. Howard, Mother Green, and Reba Mitchell.

With their determination, persistence, and faith, they followed Pastor Foster’s vision and launched First Church in the historical African-American community of Hamilton Park. During this segregated era, from the Clovis Field in the Southeast corner of LBJ and North Central Expressway in Dallas, Texas, referred to as the “dumping ground,” they learned “he who follows Christ must suffer some persecution.”

At the height of the Civil Rights movement, First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park was Kingdom Building and standing on the Word of God. After years of laboring in the vineyard, First Church heeded its calling to grow, and became the first African-American Church in Richardson, Texas with a thriving membership. 


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