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Special Edition-Hardback (Case Laminate)

SKU: ISBN:237-0-0017-5749-3
  • Preaching Is My Passion is a volume of sermons collected over the many years of Dr. Robinson's preaching pilgrimage, including his most recent sermons. This first volume is the beginning of a series of sound doctrinal sermons, including his classic sermon preached on June 26, 2023, as the current Vice President of the Baptist Ministers' Conference of Los Angeles, California, which is entitled - "A Preacher's Pain." Dr. Robinson is from an era of preachers who are sadly becoming extinct. Preachers of Dr. Robinson's era and beyond had common denominators in their preaching that made them a preaching fraternity and brotherhood. One of those common denominators was sound doctrine. In his generation and beyond, they often coined the practice of preaching as "Telling the Story." Paul the Apostle warned young Timothy that the days would come when men would not endure sound doctrine. Those days have arrived. In addition, Dr. Robinson is from an era of preachers who take preaching seriously and soberly, void of competition and comparisons. Preaching Is My Passion: Volume 1 is a written work of legacy preaching for future generations of preachers as well as a written preservation of preachments throughout Dr. Robinson's preaching path. Christians as well as clergy will be blessed by this groundbreaking volume in Dr. Robinson's ministry as he faithfully "Tells the Story."

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