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To Book Dr. M. V. Wade, Sr. on this important subject, please visit: Legacy Ministries Associatioin, Inc. - A Subsidiary of Urban Publishing House, LLC


SKU: ISBN/SKU: 978-1-0882-5897-2
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  • Rev. Dr. Melvin Von Wade’s The African American Church and Community: Recovering Our Roots was derived from several grassroots conversations with Dr. Wade, who is of the last generation of Black preachers who had personal and relational ties with the prototypes of our true Black preaching history and heritage. Dr. Wade provides in-depth wisdom, as he shares keen insights into the plight and perils of our African American churches and communities. Dr. Wade shares that the recovery of our roots must be found within the Black Church, Black family, and Black community.


    From this rich dialogue and written treatise of Dr. M. V. Wade, Sr., a clairvoyant challenge is before the Black Church and community, and that challenge is, to recover our roots as a Black people. 

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