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Chapter 1: The Pastor and His Conscience - What We Should Know

Chapter 2:  The Pastor and His Character - Paul: What Manner of Men Are We?

Chapter 3: The Pastor and His Head - Elijah: Hell Knows No Fury Like  a Woman Scorned

Chapter 4: The Pastor and His Mind - Paul: When We Have to Learn All Over Again

Chapter 5: The Pastor and His Ears - Jeremiah: When God Tells Us to Downsize

Chapter 6: The Pastor and His Eyes - Ezekiel: How To Lead a Dead Army

Chapter 7: The Pastor and His Voice - John the Baptist: A Preacher Who Defied Social Media

Chapter 8: The Pastor and His Shoulders - Habbakuk: When Preaching Advances Adversity

Chapter 9: The Pastor and His Heart - David: A Passion That Prevails

Chapter 10: The Pastor and His Rib - Eve: A Wife Who Was Too Smart for Her Own Good

Chapter 11:  The Pastor and His Loins - Sampson: When Power Is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Chapter 12: The Pastor and His Thigh - Jacob: When We Leave People Feeling Robbed

Chapter 13: The Pastor and His Seed - The Perils of PKs (Preacher's Kids)

Chapter 14: The Pastor and His Feet - Moving from Style to the Supernatural

3rd Edition-EBook - Apple, Google, Nook, Kobo, Onyx, and All EBook Apps

SKU: ISBN/SKU: 9781088260708
  • Only available at UPH, and Dr. Temple's personal and partnership venues.

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