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eBook - Apple Books, Google Play Books, and all eBook Apps

SKU: ISBN/SKU: 237-0-0016-1799-6
  • UPH ensures authors get their full royalties. Thank you for your support. Therefore, if you have the Apple Books App, Google Play App, Nook App, or any eReader App, including Kindle, you may download this eBook. It is not listed for sale on the Apple Books, Nook, Google Play Books Store, or Kindle Store.

  • TREASURES FROM AN EARTHEN VESSEL is a collection of eight signature sermons from one of the greatest preachers of all time, Dr. Donald L. Parson. This signature series is a collection of sermons from Dr. Parson's early years of preaching. Yet, it is astounding how each truth is relevant for today. Dr. Parson's otherworldly insight into the heart and mind of God and the present and future plight of the Church and world are evident in the life and preaching ministry of Dr. Parson. In this book, the timeless truths of Dr. Parson's preaching expose the challenges and opportunities that still await the Church of Jesus Christ and all of humanity. 

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